Opening & Closing Performance
Closing Performance


Production CompanyYllana Production
Age restrictionall rating (1 ticket per person) (*Accompanied by a guardian is mandatory for children)
Running time90min (no intermission)
VenueBusan Cinema Center Haneulyeon Theatre
GenreMusical Comedy
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16th Jun (Fri) ~ 18th Jun (Sat) 2023 

16th Jun (Fri) 19:30

17th Jun (Sat), 18th Jun (Sun) 17:00

Maestrissimo is an «allegro e molto vivace» show, which comes halfway between a chamber concert, satirical comedy and a portrayal of the times.

In sheer Yllana style, it illustrates the adventures and misfortunes of a string quartet round about the 17th and 18th centuries (Baroque and Neoclassicism).

Along the same lines as Pagagnini, but with a separate entity, Maestrissimo will delight us with ever so carefully selected aesthetics and hilarious characters. 

It is a comedy which tackles topics such as ethics, creation, originality and the value of art in society, at the same time as it recaps key moments of classical music.

Yllana is creativity. Born in 1991 as a comedy and physical theatre company, it has since then diversified its activity. 

It is mainly dedicated to the creation, production and distribution of theatrical shows but its expertise covers now many different services in the world of the performing arts.

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