Invited Performance
Celebrating Performance


Production CompanyBusan Theatre Production Center Dongnuk
Age restrictionOlder than born in 2012.12.31
Running time120min (no intermission)
VenueBusan Citizen's Hall Small Theater

2th Jun (Fri) ~ 4th Jun (Sun) 2023 

2th Jun (Fri) 19:30

3th Jun (Sat), 4th Jun (Sun) 17:00

In 1945, right after liberation, Jangchun, a large city in the Manchuria called Gingyeong until liberation, is full of war-displaced people of all nationalities, including Koreans, Japanese, and Chinese. Among numerous war-displaced shelters, Shelter No. 78 for Korean war-displaced people where Sook-hee, who was born in 1937 and speaks fluent Japanese, and Deok-ee, who was born in 1937, are staying. The shelter is already full of Koreans who have gathered there to return to an independent Choson(Joseon). They are struggling day by day to survive poverty, epidemic, and someone's death, where waiting turns into unbearable time. Myeong-suk, a Korean who came from faraway Qiqihar to catch a return train to Choson(Joseon), and Mizuko, a Japanese, who came to wait for the train that does not come, also arrive here, the shelter for Korean war-displaced people.

Busan Theatre Production Center Dongnuk was founded in 1995 and is a performing arts group established as a member of the Korean Theater Association and Busan Theater Association. Through active creative activities and award-winning works, Dongnuk has established itself as a reputable performing arts organization.

With the belief that theater has the power to change life, it has created repertoire performances through experimental creativity and modernization of traditional performance styles with the theater's standing actors and staff, and is expanding its cultural experience and experience to various performances such as historical plays, translation plays, and modern plays.

Dongnuk also conducts various programs such as visiting educational performances, creative musical production, and organizing youth theater camps to expand the cultural experience and joy of creation for people of all ages. Dongnuk is a representative theater company in Busan with various awards.

<2022, Jakgang Theater Festival 'Our Friends, Humans'> - Grand Prize, Han Hyung-seok Award for Best Director, Stage Art Award

<2022, 40th Busan Theater Festival 'Autumn Firefly'> - Best Performance Award, Best Director, Best New Actor

<2019, 37th Busan Theater Festival 'The Warriors of Sunshine'> - Grand Prize, Director Award, Rookie Acting Award, Stage Art Award

<2019, Korea Theater Festival 'The Warriors of Sunshine'> - Silver Award

<2013, National Theater Festival 'Unak'> - Presidential Award, Director Award, Outstanding Acting Award, Stage Award

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