Invited Performance


Production CompanyFleur Elise Noble
Age restrictionOlder than born in 2017.12.31
Running time60min
VenueBusan Cinema Center Haneulyeon Theatre
Reservation Link

13th Jun (Tue) ~ 14th Jun (Wed) 2023 

13th Jun (Tue), 14th Jun (Wed) 19:30

ROOMAN is a new visual-performance by Fleur Elise Noble. It’s a rich tapestry of puppetry, projection, drawing, dance and live music. Like a low-tech hologram, or a high-tech paper pop-up book, ROOMAN takes the audience on a journey inside worlds of animated universes as they unfold upon a giant 3-dimensional paper set. A world sung into being by the beautiful young Jamaican-Canadian singer, Sarah Reid.

ROOMAN is a story of romance, fantasy and the pursuit of happiness. A story that we can all, in some way, relate to. A girl meets a kangaroo man in her dreams and falls in love. Obsessed by his reality, and the idea of becoming a part of it, she takes desperate measures to spend more time with him. Her obsession leads her into the darkest depths of the human psyche. ROOMAN is about following your dreams, and seeing what kind of a journey that can take you on. But more importantly, it’s about waking up and living.


Rooman, a half-man-half-kangaroo begins to frequent the dreams of a young woman, whose uneventful existence had over many years deflated her zest for life. Over time a relationship forms between Rooman and the Girl, causing her unconscious dream state to become the only desirable place for her to be. Her so called ‘conscious’ existence becomes neglected as she takes desperate measures to spend more time with him. An addiction to sleeping pills gradually causes her dreams to fade and her Rooman to disappear. Consumed by memories of a fantastical past, the search for her unattainable lover becomes deluded and hopeless. Left with no grounding in either realm, she is faced with the ultimatum- to give up or to wake up.

Fleur Elise Noble is a visual/multi-media/performance artist who works with most things including: drawing, animation, projection, puppetry, dancing, painting, sculpture, film, sewing, writing and whip-cracking… 

Fleur studied on full scholarships at art schools in Adelaide (ACSA) and New York(NYSS). Since graduating in 2006 she has been primarily focused on creating and touring visual-theatre performances.

Her major work ‘2 Dimensional Life of Her’ spent 3 years in the making and 5 years on the road. It has been invited to perform at over 40 arts venues and festivals around the world, including; London, New York, LA, Brazil, Iran, South Korea and extensively throughout Europe, Australia and New Zealand.  

Fleur also facilitates drawing, animation and filmmaking projects with children in Indigenous communities across Australia. 

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