The Nature of Forgetting

Invited Performance

The Nature of Forgetting

TitleThe Nature of Forgetting
Production CompanyTheatre Re
Age restrictionElementary school students or older than born in 2016.12.31
Running time75min
VenueKyungsung University Concert Hall
GenrePhysical Theatre

16th Jun (Fri) ~ 17th Jun (Sat) 2023 

16th Jun (Fri) 19:30

17th Jun (Sat) 17:00

<The Nature of Forgetting> is a powerful, explosive and joyous piece in which the main character, suffering from early onset dementia, delivers a message of. ‘what is left when memory is gone?’ through dynamic movements and live music. Tom has just turned 55. As he dresses for his birthday party, tangled threads of disappearing memories spark him into life, unravelling as a tale of friendship, love and guilt. This ambitious project with actors, mimes and musicians has been created in collaboration with UCL Neuroscience Professor Kate Jeffery and inspired by interviews and workshops with organisations such as the Alzheimer's Society. While the medium of performance may be an unusual resource for the transmission of science, it shines a light on issues around memory that offers a new perspective. Since its premiere at the London International Mime Festival at the Shoreditch Town Hall, ‘The Nature of Forgetting’ has been performed worldwide. Following a sell-out runs in London, New York, Edinburgh, Hong Kong, Seoul, Sao Paulo, Lima and across the UK, Theatre Re’s ‘The Nature of Forgetting’ is a powerful, explosive and joyous piece about what is left when memory and recollection are gone.


Tom was once a popular man full of humor, surrounded by people. However, now he relies on his daughter Sophie as he is suffering from early onset dementia. On his 55th birthday, Sophie repeatedly tells him to wear a jacket with a red necktie, but Tom cannot find the tie and becomes confused. 

All that comes to his mind is the word 'red.' Finally, in a moment when he picks up his deceased wife's red dress, he hears the word 'jacket' from somewhere and puts on his old school uniform jacket. 

That makes Tom goes back to a moment from his school days.

Established as a professional ensemble in 2011, Theatre Re has garnered a national and international reputation for creating world class, deeply moving, and visually striking poetic theatre. The company’s name comes from the prefix re and symbolises its guiding principles: to rediscover, to reinvent and to reveal. Rooted in Etienne Decroux's Corporeal Mime, productions use movement, music and design to tell stories. 

Our work crosses disciplines, with past projects taking inspiration from science, philosophy, psychology, public health and education to address global human challenges, bring people together and develop empathy with strength and delicacy. Collaborations with community organisations throughout the creation process are central to the company’s work. 

The company is led by artistic director Guillaume Pige with Alex Judd, Katherine Graham and Eyglo Belafonte as associate artists. They are supported by a core group of long-standing collaborators. Since 2011 Theatre Re has created and toured five productions. The company has performed at 74 venues in 41 UK cities and toured internationally to 15 countries. 

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