Notable Performance


Production CompanyM.M.S.T
Age restriction7 rating
Running time80min
VenueYongcheonjiral Theatre

16th Jun (Fri) ~ 17th Jun (Sat) 2023 

16th Jun (Fri) 19:30

17th Jun (Sat) 17:00

Trapped by suspicion and mad with jealousy, the protagonist Othello kills his beloved wife Desdemona. What did Othello think in his despair when he discovered his wife's innocence? Othello, one of Shakespeare's four great tragedies, will be performed with only six actors. This performance is structured around the unique approach of "older persons who have performed 'Othello' repeatedly", and we’d like to take this opportunity to further improve this production, which was co-created with actors from Busan during an international exchange programme held in Fukuoka in August 2022. We believe this is a Shakespeare production worthy of worldwide recognition and would like to share it with a larger audience.

M.M.S.T started their theatrical activities in Tokyo in 1998 with the concept of “establishing the theater in the modern period”. The company has ever since released not only their original stage works but also sound performances and visual installations. Tomohide Momose, the company representative and also the director, was awarded Best Theatrical Work from the Competition of Theater Directors organized by the Fukuoka City Foundation for Arts and Cultural Promotion in 2008. He was also appointed as an artist in residence in 2012 for the Fukuoka Urban Community of Art. In 2014 M.M.S.T took part in the Japan-Korea joint project, “HANARO Project Vol.1”. Since 2014, the company has been collaborating with South Korean theater artists every year on joint productions and workshops, as the company believes that discovering, researching, and developing Asian capabilities is important for creating world-class productions. 

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