The Hole

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The Hole

TitleThe Hole
Production CompanyGokdooHwan_Young
Age restrictionElementary school students or older than born in 2016.12.31
Running time70min
VenueHaneulbaram Theatre

15th Jun (Thu) ~ 16th Jun (Fri) 2023 

15th Jun (Thu), 16th Jun (Fri) 19:30

In the play, there is a fictional country where everything is controlled, and there are 'eyes' who support the country. One day, "Myeong" appears to 'Five' who had doubts about the surveillance of "eyes." The two fall in love with each other, feeling each other's will to oppose restraint. 

A building that lay in the blind spot of the 'eyes'. Finding a space to completely escape surveillance, the two agonize over and act on the "freedom" they long for, and promise each other. 

"Physical things may be restrained, but no one will be restrained in their spiritual love for each other, and fight back to the end."

Eventually, the "eyes" who notice the space of "perfect independence" begin to arrest them and inflict pain to restrain their minds. 

'Five', who resisted to the end, eventually sees the face of the woman he loved completely distorted and finally notices himself distorted and gives in in great despair. 

In their daily lives that have resumed, the two men and women reunited are moving away without a wordlessly.

"A mirage that remains in my heart. With art that never dries up,"

We are organizing the concert with the idea of "true convergence begins in the process," and based on "Immersive" where not only participating artists but also audiences can participate, we are constantly researching and talking to escape [space, technology, and time] and creating amazing results.

Through the convergence of young artists in various fields, we hope to become an organization that can give freshness to the genre and communicate through the consensus that "we" who live together in the present era can give.

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