Notable Performance


Production CompanyTheatrical community GODOT
Age restrictionOlder than born in 2006.12.31
Running time120min
VenueHaneulbaram Theatre

11th Jun (Sun) ~ 12th Jun (Mon) 2023 

11th Jun (Sun) 17:00

12th Jun (Mon) 19:30

Kim Hyeop, who learned of the unlimited postponement of his flight ahead of his departure, is waiting endlessly. Meanwhile, Kang Eum-seop, who has never met him, talks to him. Kim Hyeop refuses to talk to Kang Eum-seop, but Kang Eum-seop continues to talk to Kim Hyeop and tells his past story...

The Theatrical Community - GODOT(hereafter referred to as Godot) is a arts organization that has developed and transformed into a professional theater company from a workshop group called ‘ets (founded in January 2012)’, which started based on the sharing of culture and arts. It is a community of high altitude that researches and experiments with theatrical arts, pursues originality without compromising with the mainstream trend like Godo, and leaps high with the community below as a stepping stone.

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