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Production CompanyTheatre Kkamang
Age restrictionolder than born in 2017.12.31
Running time60min
VenueSpace Theater

10th Jun (Sat) ~ 11th Jun (Sun) 2023 

10th Jun (Sat), 11th Jun (Sun) 17:00

The main character, Gregor, a traveling salesman for a company, wakes up to find that he has transformed into a large beetle. Even in that situation, he worries about the business trip that morning. As Gregor is his family's sole breadwinner, he always wakes up early to start his day. But that day, his family starts to notice that something was wrong because he wasn’t leaving of his room. His office manager of the company, who finds out of his unexcused absence, comes to his house and makes a fuss outside of the Gregor room to come out quickly. Gregor struggles to open the door and comes out, but everyone was utterly horrified to see him being transformed into an insect. The manager runs away in a panic, and Gregor’s father threatens him with a newspaper and sends him into the room and slams the door behind him. Gregor understands the situation, but since he can't even communicate a single word to deal this trouble, he decides to stay quiet hiding as much as he can for the sake of his family. As time passes, Gregor gradually gets used to his life as a bug. Then one day, an irreversible incident happens...

Theater company Kkamang was founded in 1982 by the late Sir Lee Yong-woo in ‘gong-gansalang’. The debut performance was “Tteok”, and it served as an opportunity for a new theatrical style through experimental performances such as “Quiet Room,” “Multimedia,” and “Yongjeonggang.” Also, the company was invited twice by MOT international theatre festival in overseas performances at East Europe Macedonia and “Birds of Paradise” and “Semi Nonverbal Macbeth” were performed successfully. Kkamang which pursues non-verbal genre as well as realism play, diversifies stage language and form of contemporary theater in the 21st century. It puts weight on new forms of expression, and its representative

works include “Our Twisted Hero”, “Semi non Verbal Macbeth” and

“Boycheck Flying”, and so on. Moreover, the company accepted award for the Best Adapted Play for “Our Twisted Hero” and award for Directing and Stage arts at Nationwide ‘Gomanaru Festival’. The play “Our Twisted Hero”, which won the Best Adapted Play, was premiered in 1989 and attracted 400,000 viewers.

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