Opening & Closing Performance
Closing Performance


CountryItaly, USA
Production CompanyTeatro Persona&Sardegna Teatro
Age restrictionMiddle school students or older than born in 2010.12.31
Running time90min
VenueBusan Cultural Center Medium Theater

6/1(SAT) 17:00

6/2(SUN) 17:00

'Ubu Award 2017 - Best performance' Awarded 

A glamorous, but unglamorous tragedy. Fall into that empty crown.

Asia tour following Europe, premiere in Korea! <Macbettu>, a reinterpretation of Shakespeare's Macbeth.

Shakespeare's Macbeth, performed in Sardinian is in keeping with the purest Elizabethan tradition, An empty playing space, animated by the bodies of actors that create settings and conjure up presences. Stones, earth, iron, blood, warrior stances, vestiges of ancient Nuragic civilizations. Matter that does not convey meanings, but primordial forces that act upon the receiver.

In addition, <Macbettu> won the Best Performance in 2017 ‘Ubu Award’  Italy's most prestigious theater awards.


<Macbettu> is a project proposed by Alessandro Serra, the founder and director of Teatropersona, an Italian theatre. He trains as an actor studying phisical actions and vibrating singing - as in the Grotowski’s tradition – and then gets to the objective laws of moving, written down by Mejercho’ld and Decroux. The meeting with Yves Lebreton and his Physical Theatre during his studies was crucial for his shaping. The works of <Teatropersona> are born by means of a research of the actor’s centrality, the composition of the image and a dramaturgic use of lights, objects and sounds. The creations have been brought to prestigious festivals in many European countries, as well as Asia, South America, Russia and the United Kingdom.

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