Absence Imbalance Balance

Invited Performance

Absence Imbalance Balance

TitleAbsence Imbalance Balance
Production CompanyGDO-UDA company
Age restrictionAll rating (*Accompanied by a guardian is mandatory for children)
Running time70min
VenueKyungsung Univerdity YENO Art Hall
GenreUrban Dance Contemporary

5/25(SAT) 17:00

5/26(SUN) 17:00

“All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.”

A young writer, a restless body that pushes away the noisy thoughts of a mind Restless; agitated thoughts as a constant background to animate the gesture, the soundtrack of a body in motion who dialogues, rebels against intrusive thoughts. 

It is the triptych born from the compositional inspiration of Ilenja Rossi, in times of pandemic. Actors and actresses constantly move on a stage with only one desk, filling the empty space with energy. The five actors deliver a message to many people around the world with their own expressions. 'This is a story of all of us.


GDO production has its focus on Contemporary Dance and the quality of its artistic projects has been recognized by the Italian Ministry of Culture-MIC since 1984. 

GDO-UDA company project came to life as an expression of the highest quality of Urban dance, represented in all the styles that characterize it, by professional artists of great skill, both in technique and in theatricality. Pursuing the lines of popping, breaking, house dance, hip-hop, floor work, and urban language, images, explore and contrast the body and sound with intense techniques and presenting constantly evolving language through their works.

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