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Participating Program
10 Minute Open Plays
10 Minute Open Plays
10 Minute Open Plays
The 10 Minutes Open Plays is the only pure citizen participation program in Korea that anyone who loves performing arts can participate in.
It is held during the festival, tand the competition will take place with video-recorded performances made within a limited time of "10 Minutes." For The 10 Minutes Open Play, any general public can apply regardless of their age and the teams who win the competition will receive prize money and awards. The Busan International Performing Arts Festival is growing into a festival with citizens. We would like to provide an opportunity to have dreams and hopes for performing arts.
Streaming Dates 10th Jun (Fri) ~ 19th Jun (Sun) 2022 <Online Platforms: YouTube, Naver TV>
- All performances are filmed and submitted in advance.
- Recorded performances are streamed online during the festival.
작품명 단체명 Title Group
굿모닝 꽁트 Good morning skit YEON
가족 만두 극단 아띠 GaJok ManDu Geukdan Atti
자취방손님은, 어머니 꿈현사 The guest of the studio apartment : mother KKUMHYUNSA
미운오리재판 뻔데기 Ugly duckling plate pupa(chrysalis)
행복요양원 대학老愛-대학로를 사랑하는 사람들 Happy Senior Care Center DaeHakroae-people who love Daehak-ro
고칠 수 있는 시간 조커 The time we can fix JOKER
도깨비감투 날아본플레이아트센터 The Invisible Hat “Fly, born” play art center
10분 전 연극아이 10 minutes ago A play child
우리들의 이야기 단미스 OUR STORY DANMIS
아름다운 약속 대동연극부 A Beautiful Promise Daedong Drama Club
해피와 할아버지 은빛나래연극단 Happy and Grandpa Silver Wing Theatrical Club