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Participating Program
Artist Talk
Artist Talk
Program Artist Talk County Different for each performance.
Production Company Domestic and international invited teams Age restriction Different for each performance.
Schedule Moby Dick (May 24, FRI)
Absence Imbalance Balance (May 25, SAT)
Drilling (May 26, SUN)
Misericordia (May 27, MON)
The Insider (May 30, THU)
Macbettu (June 1, SAT)
Running time About 20 minutes after the performance ends
Venue Each theater
(2023 BIPAF Artist Talk – Theatre Re ‘Nature of Forgetting’)
Introduction to the program

Free communication time between actors and audiences!
Ask me anything!

After the performance, a meaningful communication time to understand the performance more broadly through free Q&A and dialogue! Artist Talk is a venue for performers and audiences to meet, where they can directly check the audience's perspective and opinions on performing arts culture, and have honest talks with performers and audiences.