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Youth Support Program
Youth Theater Festival
Youth Theater Festival
Youth Theater Festival
The ‘Youth Theater Festival’ is part of the Youth Support Program that supports the dreams of young people who love performing arts.
It is held during the festival, and the competition takes place with video-recorded performances where you can see the brilliant wit, ideas, and possibilities of major students in a limited time of 10 minutes. The Youth Theater Festival is open for performance-related major students all over the country, and the teams who win the competition will receive prize money and awards. As such, the Busan International Theater Festival aims to contribute to the development of performance arts as a university culture by cultivating young people's creative abilities and promoting dynamic performance activities.
Streaming Dates 10th Jun (Fri) ~ 19th Jun (Sun) 2022 <Online Platforms: YouTube, Naver TV>
- All performances are filmed and submitted in advance.
- Recorded performances are streamed online during the festival.
작품명 단체명 Title Group
임금 극단 어 명 Pay=King A-Myng Theatre
핑 = 퐁 프로젝트 245헤르츠 Ping = Pong Project 245Hz
[정글(짐)] 36.5도 [Jungle(burden)] 36.5 degrees
그리운 것은 해가 지려는 곳에 있다 너나들이 a nostalgic sunset neonadeul-i
오늘 뭐 먹지? 파라다이스 프로젝트 What should I eat today? Paradise Project
신발, 그리고 꿈 스타일액팅 Shoes, the dream Style acting
살아서 가자 공연에 미치다 a cease-fire crazy about performance
잔상 이공 I e-gong
화목(貨炑) 화목(貨炑) Harmony Harmony