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The 12th Busan International Performing Arts Festival, 2015
NAME The 12th Busan International Performing Arts Festival, 2015
Duration May 1(Fri) ∼ 10(Sun), 2015 <10days>
Venues Main Theater of Busan Cultural Center, Medium Theater of Busan Cultural Center, Small Theater of Busan Cultural Center, Small Theater of Busan Citizen's Hall, Busan Art Center, Suyeong Culture Center, BIPAF ZONE (outdoor stage), Yongcheon Jiral Theater, Gonggan Theater, Nada Theater, Dico Theater
Participation 5 Performances from overseas, 1 Performances from Korea, 1 piece of celebratory performance, 12 pieces of competition program, 20 Performances for Fringe Stage
France, Italy, Russia, Czech, USA, Korea(6 countries)
Host Busan Metropolitan City
Organizer Busan International Performing Arts Festival Committee
Support Ministry of Culture
Festival Construction
Opening & Closing Ceremony
Opening & Closing Performance, Opening Reception
Performance Program
- BIPAF Go Wolrd Festival
- BIPAF Dynamic Fringe- Celebrating performance
Contest Program
- Joinable Program
CONCEPT Opening performance <The Taming of the Shrew> France / Cie Les Te′tes de Bois
Closing performance <Romeo and Juliet> Italy / TTB(Teatro Tascabile Di Bergamo)
<Marionette Hamlet> USA / CAMT
<Macbeth> Russia / BALTIC HOUSE
<Tempest> Korea / Theatre Mokwha
<Hamlet> Czech / Svandovodivaldlo
Go World
<MI RONG> Korea / Company SEE SUN
<AUMMA, Skyhill> Korea / Green theatre group
<Dove> Korea / Navi plus
<Hwa Woo> Korea / Holic Entertainment
<Antigone is dead> Korea / Tot value Theatre
<I’m Pigeon> Korea / Performing arts theatre ‘Dong-Nyeok’
<Toybox> Korea / Theater company ‘puleundal’
<Broken Night> Korea / Theater company Poong Deung
<Antigone> Korea / Isoo Company
<The Overcoat> Korea / Theatre haddangse
<Just a Moment> Korea / Mime Factory ‘Pan’
<Culinary genius and giant> Korea / Theatre MUN
Macbeth, He killed the sleeping / Hamlet Holy Fool / Fishes / Etranger / Alcestis’s Axe / Triple fool / Tap Tap Tap / Dance, Fly AT SEA / Red, Exorcism / The MArt show / Musical ‘Daddy!Daddy! / Show time / BCP Vocal Party / War and Peace / Magic Suit / Unesco Takkyon, come out to BUSAN street / Diary of a Madman / Festival of spirit / Two Men SHOW / Young Ambassador / BIPAF CONCERT
<Sacho> Korea / Theater 'Nurie' (The Grand Prize-Awarded in Busan Performing Arts Festival)
Joinable Program
- 10 Minute Open Plays
- Artist Talk
- BIPAF Workshop
- Art Market