L'Homme de l'Atlantique

The opening performance
L'Homme de l'Atlantique

TitleL'Homme de l'Atlantique
Production CompanyOlivier Dubois
TimeMay 1st 18:00 / 2nd 20:00
Age restrictionRated PG -14
Running time60minute
VenueMain Hall of Busan Cultural Center
Ticket1st floor 25,000won / 2nd floor 20,000won

L’homme de l’Atlantique


“Fly me to the moon”- a sentiment made by a famous man whose voice was able to do just that: transcend the listener to a different state of mind.

Frank Sinatra serves as the inspiration and omniscient third character on stage as “the Voice,” a presence come to life in song, in Olivier Dubois’s, L’homme de l’Atlantique [the Atlantic Man.]
L’homme de l’Atlantique’s mise-en-scène effectively brings the audience into the literal realm of the 1950s metropolis among society’s elite. It is nostalgia crafted from spotlights akin to the glow of single streetlight after midnight, costumes equal parts glamour and sophistication, and the attraction between a man and a woman played out according to Old Hollywood. However, Dubois supersedes the literal and plays into the surreal nature of nostalgia itself- longing that comes from an idealized version of the past. Both man and myth, Sinatra exemplifies this contradiction: far from a faultless man, to what degree does that diminish his flawless sound?
Dubois’s L’homme de l’Atlantique takes 60 minutes and fills it with beauty, love and the joy of experiencing some part of a golden era gone by.

Supported by France Embassy in Korea & INSTITUT FRANCAIS

Notice : Can not enter after the house-open
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