Musical "Marriage"

Musical "Marriage"

TitleMusical "Marriage"
Production CompanySam Il Lo Chang Go Theatre
TimeSun 15:00, 18:00 / Mon~Wed 20:00
VenueNorrune Small Theater
TicketAdults 20,000KW / Children 15,000KW


"Marriage" is reborn as a musical which is written by the great artist Lee Gang Bak
who is a well know writer in the Korean theatrical field!
This musical will double the reality and the delicacy of the theater.

• The Korean creation musical "Marriage" combines the substantial original work with delicacy and realism. "Marriage"is reborn as a musical which is written by the great artist Lee Gang Bak who is a well know writer in the Korean theatrical field. The drama "Marriage" was first performed in 1974 in Korea. It quickly becameone of the most popular one act dramas. It has been renewed in opera and has been performed in Russia and The Unite States.

• The "Marriage" is based on the substantial original work with beautiful, realistic and delicate music with talented acting are well combined have resulted in the rebirth of this musical.

• This small musical with its delicacy and realism impresses audiences who share a great passion for musicals.

• This musical will provide many emotional moments to both young and old couples.


There was a man who possessed nothing. He used to be a very successful business man but he lost everything and became a very lonely individual. He wanted to live his life like other average people. He wished to get married,settle down and have a loving family. Unfortunately there weren’t any women who wanted to marry a man with such a low social status. He plans to take some risks in order to meet and marry a beautiful woman. He rents an expensive mansion and fancy clothes which he must return two hours later. He then invites a beautiful woman who he wishes to marry to come and visit him at his mansion. His plan is to impress the woman with his temporary material wealthand ask her hand in marriage. When it comes time for these items of wealth to be collected he feels like part of himself dies inside. Once the two hours has expired everything is returned and the truth about his financial situation is revealed. After returning all of his possessions he proposes to his love with a true heart. 

Press Cuttings 

"This musical is a warning to those who are getting married for materialistic reasons. The musical "Marriage" is about a man who has a broken spirit. He decides to fill the void in his life by getting married to a beautiful woman. He tries to capture her heart through a false display of himself and convincing her that he is rich. Eventually his plan fails and his true self is exposed. Even though he is revealed as being a poor man she chooses to love him because she fell in love with him for the person he is and not was he has. This happy ending may initially cause people to perceive that this musical is just your average musical but thisis far from the truth. The comical elements of this musical have helped it to surpass the quality of the original work. Several scenes have been dramatized in such away that audience have felt overwhelming emotion. The musical "Marriage" has been reborn through the efforts of the director who has an extensive musical background.The intention of the director is to demonstrate that love should be pure and the cornerstone of any lasting marriage" (Newstown). 

The Company 

Sam Il Lo Chang Go Theatre was opened in 1975. It was the first in the movement of small theaters in Korea. The Sam Il Lo Chang Go Theatre has played an important role in the history of the performing arts in Korea because most of the famous actors and directors have acted or debuted through this company. Unfortunately, due to reducing numbers of audiences, they had to close in 1990. Since that time this theater space has been used as a small print factory. In 1996 the building was taken over by The Chang Jak Ma Eul Theater Company. They renamed the building The Myungdong Art Theater. They soon experienced budgetary problems and were forced to close down. Several members of the theatrical field joined together in hopes of saving the spirit of small theaters. On March 1st 2004 the theater was reopened as The Sam Il Lo Chang Go Theatre which has earned the greatest historical value of Korean theaters.

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